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About Rebekah Roth
After a nearly thirty year career as an airline flight attendant and international purser, I decided to write a novel about the interesting and exciting life I enjoyed while in that career.

I did not set out to write or even explore the terror attack of September 11, 2001, however, when I discovered that at least six of the accused hijackers were still alive and that the government of Saudi Arabia was suing the FBI of the United States for making false claims against its citizens, I was shaken to the core.

This discovery started what became thousands of hours of research into every aspect of the historic event that I learned was written and planned by the Project for a New American Century and referred as the "new Pearl Harbor" an attack was needed to rally the American public to be  so monumental and horrific that the public would support the planned wars in the middle east.

The results of my research were woven into a novel that quickly became a best seller. What that showed me was that many million Americans were not completely convinced that they had been told the truth about the event that became known around the world as 9/11. My discoveries have been well received by the general public, military personnel,and airline professionals from around the world. 

What I discovered through my own experience was: once the veil of truth about 9/11 is lifted, it is easy to  have eyes that see and ears that  hear the truth about other events  we are shown on television.

What I found was very different from what we had been shown on television that morning, and in the weeks, months and years that followed 9/11.  

I wrote about the truth and I speak about the truth, no matter what religion, group of people or political movement that truth might offend or expose.

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