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Internet Trolls and what they look like
 Meet James Henry Fetzer, from the release of my first novel Methodical Illusion through his handler Alan Powell, has demanded that I be a guest on his radio platform to argue about 911. He and his work are an insult to every person that died in the towers, the first-responders and the flight crews and their passengers. Mr. Fetzer believes that nobody died and that the flights did not even take off that day. He has zero knowledge of airline procedures, FAA hijacking protocols, the FTS remote control systems or anything else about the airline industry including that the BTS, Bureau of Transportation Statistics was a voluntary program for the airlines to use their on-time departures and arrivals in their advertising. Mr. Fetzer has accused at last 15 other people of being Rebekah Roth and thinks that the CIA hired me as a retired flight attendant of 31 years and I am really a CIA agent.He also believes I am a chemist, a bio-chemist and an oil salesperson. He also thinks nobody died at Sandy Hook School, a real conspiracy nut if there ever was.
   I have never spoken to Fetzer, yet without reading my books, he has decided that I never was a flight attendant but I was a CIA agent. Now,where he came up with that nonsense is anyone's guess, he is friends with a crazy woman who claimed she was a CIA asset Susan Lindaur, she was put away in a mental institute by the US government but Fetzer adores her, she either is insane or REALLY was a CIA asset. For some reason this conspiracy nut has created several wild conspiracies about me,my identity, my career, you name it, this lunatic must dream about me nightly. He is apparently insane and knows literally nothing about 9/11 claiming that the planes never took off and nobody was killed. Word around the internet is he was  fired by Veteran's Today for himself being some type of government agent! He was also fired from Scholars for 911 Truth.  He has either never read my books or is a pathological liar, he continues to make false claims. 
This is Jeff Hayes he is also known as Cal I. Bos on facebook, Why? good question. He is a very poor writer and has self published two books. He is all about Amazon numbers and has a problem apparently that my books have outsold his, so he is on a hate campaign. He got a FREE book,loved it and now has joined the likes of Fetzer trying to trash me, NOT my findings by my career of which he knows nothing about just following the hate parade and the insanity of Fetzer.

Mike Serour of Bay City Michigan. Mike got the first copy of Methodical Illusion and loved it. He also had me on his new blog talk radio show for a week, I guess he thinks he made me a star although he never had over 40 listeners. So, Let's let Mike's own words via facebook to me shed a light and then you can try to figure out why this troll is on a hate campaign.

Stacey Landrum is a memeber of the AE911 truth associated Facebook group called Face of Truth but they are not really about truth, the administrator Claudio Marty is mostly about selling tee shirts and promoting AE 911 Richard Gage as he travels around the country repeating the same story he has for nearly 14 years. Stacey attempted to find my IP address and my physical location just weeks after my first book was released. Unfortunately for Stacey, did not know that I use multiple proxy servers and what he found was not any of the servers I was using, Stacey found the CIA was actually keeping an eye on him, not me.  Although I did point out to him that the IP address he saw routing through the Langley offices of the CIA was not me but him. He chose to run with the BS lie and claim that I was a CIA agent! Fool. Stacey, don't forget his name or face, a real super sleuth finding his own IP address. How would you like a FB Friend of YOURS to be digging into your IP? Not cool and a perfect example of a 9/11 truther NOT interested in the truth but working for the enemy.
Kev Baker another radio jock wanna be from Glasgow Scotland. Like the other trolls mentioned above, with the exception of Fetzer (and Fetzer asked for but did not receive a free book). Kev Baker got both books mailed to him FREE. He loved the books and begged me to join him on his TFR radio shows. When I left TFR as a host, his "boss" Chris Geo decided to launch an attack on me personally by claiming among other things I was anti gay and a racist blah blah blah when all of my shows were regarding 9/11. Ends up Geo is rumored to be involved in  Child Porn along with another of his hosts at TFR and has a serious drug abuse problem. He has quite a history and you can google search Chris Geo for more details. He apparently has attacked every host that left his online radio platform  and a quick google search of his involvement in harassment of others is easy to find. Some have been harassed to the point of being jobless and unable to get a job for the false accusations he has made against her. The TFR radio platform is a good place to steer clear of.
Eric Andrew Wilkinson aka Eric"Spitfire" Wilkinson. Eric is another radio wanna be along with his buddy Mike Serour, Eric has a love hate relationship with the 911 truthers like Cladio Marty and the members of theFace of Truth Facebook group. Eric was booted from Mike's start up radio show and started his own show, he badly wanted me to be his guest, so let me show you the screen shots of his begging and those can speak for themselves why he has decided to hate me. Oh, yes he got a FREE copy of Methodical Illusion as well. Loved the book, loved what I was doing for the truth movement just look at his facebook messages to me. By the way Eric was barely eleven years old on 9/11/2001, but he thinks of himself as an expert on 9/11. Really?
​This is Kurt Haskell, he fled the United States after proving to be a complete loser and a liar. He tried to grab his fifteen minutes of fame when he falsely claimed that he saw the 'panty bomber Adullamutallab board a Northwest Airlines flight without a passport or visa. He tried to get his face on main stream media and dreamed in 2010 of becoming a media star. However, he lied about the passenger being allowed on the aircraft without the proper paperwork and Kurt knows that as a 31+ year flight attendant and international Purser, I know that for a fact he is lying. He has for some unknown reason to become obsessed and has decided that I am several other women living in several different states although he has never spoken to me, I think we can all figure out this guy is a jealous loser. His personal attacks as well as his claims that I am other people, has shown the entire world what a jerk he really is. He posted home addresses of women claiming that they are me, he hunted down her adult college age kids and posted their personal information as well. Kurt lives in Costa Rica because he is on the run from the US government for various reasons and it is believed he can no longer visit the USA. I have been told Kurt is unhappy that I pointed out Israeli involvement in 911, telling? Who do you think Kurt is working for?
Peter T. Santilli aka Pete Santilli. Often thought to be an FBI informant unfortunately Pete is also now a federal prisoner in solitary confinement, being held in the Multnomah County jail on a charge of Conspiracy for his seditious actions at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns Oregon.  His inmate number is 795071, he was arrested on January 26, 2016. Pete is also facing 16 felony charges for his involvement in anti-government protests in Nevada in 2014, those charges carry a possible 96 years detention. 

Pete is a narcissist and his parents have told the court that he has a mental health issues and that the courts should look at him as a flight risk. Let's hope this Troll stays in the federal prison system for at least 96 years. I did two interviews with Pete on his radio show and he told he that they were some of his most watched videos on You Tube, that did not stop Pete from ganging up with the loser Kurt Haskell and make a load of false statements about me and post the home address of a woman they claimed was 'really' Rebekah Roth and they also posted information on her children. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.
 This man is a very dangerous troll who has done similar retaliation for no reason to other successful authors and radio personalities.
Many of you have been asking who the most troublesome internet trolls have been, here are a few of the losers and their personal stories, you can try to figure out why they have launched nonsensical personal attacks and yet have not read the books, do not know me personally and obviously do not care about the truth about 9/11.  This list will grow as the trolls continue their personal attacks & attack on the truth.
Quite the guy, huh? Jeff loved my book so much but I hear he got "butt-hurt" because I never interviewed him or invited him to my radio show and my first book hit #9 on Amazon out of over 8 million books. Guess Jeff had a hard time being happy for me, there is no real exuse as to why he has joined the two losers below in gang stalking and hating me. Your guess is as good as mine. Loser? seems like a big one.

 Some more names if you are on Facebook: Claudio Marty, Caroline Fifi, Daniel Pleese, Pres Daniel Ott, Chris Geo, Sheree Geo, Bev Collins, Mark Russell, Ken Doc.  Anyone associated with AE911 truth, the Facebook group Face of Truth, Any 911 "truther" group on Facebook is full of egotistical basement dwellers many of which were barely ten years old on 911, don't waste your time there.  
 Many of these trolls have attempted to find my physical location, personal IP information,break into my computers and have posted false information about myself and who they thought were 'me' as well as posting on the internet home addresses and phone numbers of friends, family members and some complete strangers that they claim I am or that I know or that I am somehow associated with. Oh, I almost forgot Mike Adams of Talknetwork and Natural News is one of the nastiest trolls on the internet. 

For the Trolls that CLAIM that the postage I paid to have the 1TB of Freedom of Information Act data mailed to my publisher, and the cost was $9.11. Here is the PROOF for you! 

Mike Adams Talknetwork producer Dean Ryan and his friend Kurt Haskell tried to pry into my IP address and claimed that they FOUND me and I was "really" a woman in Texas and I was PREGNANT! They then posted her home address and phone with her college aged kids information to the internet. I have never lived in Texas. I am a 65 year old grandmother of 8 and they were wrong, that told me everything about Mike Adams and Talknetwork.
Sofia Smallstorm, this is for you.
 The latest jackass to slander my name is Peter Presland founder of Wikispooks, he is about to meet some attorneys I know. Using slander and lies to discredit me. He seems to think that as a British blogger he   is above the laws of the United States. He is wrong.